Nasal Pillows for Cpap: a Review of an Important Cpap Supply to Sleep Well!

If you have just realized that you are suffering from sleep apnea, and have been prescribed to use cpap machine, you surely know the importance of masks that come along with it.

But with all those amazing styles, designs and technology, it can become quite a daunting task to know the significance of each of them. While many patients wonder the use of different type of mask for their cpap machine, a lot of others might be wondering – what are nasal cpap pillows?

What Are Nasal Pillows?

This type of cpap gear can be just right for patients who want to overcome their claustrophobic issues by using a regular cpap mask. These pillows for cpap also serve you as a cpap mask and are much efficient when it comes to reducing air leaks.

These are plastic devices that look very close to headphone ear buds, with the only difference being that they need to be directly inserted into your nostrils. These ear buds like nasal pillows cpap are capable of supplying airway into your nostrils with the same and more efficiency of a regular cpap mask.

Who Can Use Nasal Cpap Pillows?

Pillows for cpap are an outstanding cpap mask for patients who experience claustrophobia and find it difficult to use and wear large masks on their face. In fact, if a patient finds it very irritating when a mask blocks their vision or irritates the eye and the areas around the eye – nasal pillow is the answer.

Moreover, men who like to keep a big beard or mustache may have trouble inhaling the air inside their mask. However, with nasal cpap pillows, this worry can be waved off, because it does not interfere with the face whatsoever.

In addition to this, when compared to the full face mask, nasal pillows allow less air leakage since it supplies the air pressure directly into your nostrils. This way a patient does not have to worry whether his/her cpap therapy is being effective or not.

Also, patients who breathe only through the nose can be benefited from nasal pillows, as these masks take very less space on your face. Patients with allergic skin may fear the appearance of marks on their face with the use of regular face masks. This however can be avoided when it comes to nasal pillows.

How to Choose a Nasal Pillow for Your Purpose?

While choosing the right cpap nasal pillow, one should highly consider their sleeping habits. This is because the comfort level while using such kind of mask is highly dependent on a patient’s sleeping position because you want the nasal pillow to stay in place even if you are tossing and turning in bed. Hence, here are some general tips on how to choose nasal masks for your purpose:

If you are a patient who sleeps on your side or stomach, try to choose large cpap nasal pillows. This way it will be much easier for you to change positions without losing any kind of support to keep the nasal gear in place.

If you are a person who travels for days at a time, it is much easier if you can buy a smaller nasal device. This will make it convenient for you to carry wherever you go, but you must ask your physician for specific models of brands so that you can close down a perfect deal while buying. Also, consulting your physician for his approval on the type of model you should choose ensures better therapy for your sleep cycle.

If Your Nasal Pillow Is Not Keeping You Comfortable Here Are Some Tips That Will Make It Easier:

  • Always remember to wash your face with the cleanser before placing your nasal pillow; else the oil on your face will make the pillow’s seal slip leading to a lot of skin irritation and allergies.
  • Using Carmex on the exteriors of your nasal pillow will help you relieve any kind of irritation. Moreover, they are also good to avoid any kind of air leaks by softening the area around your nostrils.
  • It is always best to avoid alcohol before bedtime as it disturbs your sleep patterns. The cpap therapy itself is to give you enough sleep during the night, which means that taking alcohol with you to sleep makes no sense of the therapy at all.
  • Soda, tea and coffee have all been known to have high caffeine content, which is a stimulant and is responsible for impairing your sleep patterns. Avoid any kind of caffeine within six hours before you go to bed.

Choosing a brand for nasal pillow will not be a problem at all as there are numerous of them for you to choose from. Brands like Opus 360, Nasal Aire, Comfortlife 2 and Optilife are considered the best in them.

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